Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
Make sure you bring plenty of water for yourself and snacks for your child. You should wear athletic shoes and clothing that is comfortable to move in.
Who are MomFit classes appropriate for?
MomFit classes are appropriate for moms of children aged 6 weeks and older. Classes are appropriate for all moms, regardless of prior experience and workouts can be scaled to fit every fitness level.
Can my child get out of the stroller during class time?
For safety reasons, children are required to be buckled in their strollers until we begin stretching at the end of class.
Do I need to have a jogging stroller?
You don’t need a jogging stroller, but most moms find class easier with one.
What if my baby cries?
Everyone in class is a mom and has experienced their own fussy baby. We do our best to keep kids happy during the workout and to include them in the class experience. That being said, your baby is our first priority. Tend to your baby whenever you need to and you can rejoin us when you’re ready.
If my children have outgrown the stroller, can I come without them?
Yes! MomFit is for all moms, regardless of whether your children are still stroller aged.


Jen and her fitness class were exactly what I needed to get back into shape. She successfully designed a program that anyone could participate in but challenged individuals of all fitness levels appropriately. But what I appreciated most was the supportive and encouraging way Jen pushed me to challenge myself and my body to achieve things I did not think were possible. I still have a long way to go but she inspired me to reprioritize fitness in my life.